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Plant the Seed and Watch it Grow.

Black Farm Street is a veteran-woman-led, 501c(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to farming individually and collectively while serving the community as an innovative farming resource

one acre at a time.


"The ultimate goal of farming is not just the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings."


Unity in Community

The Decision to be Intentional about your Purpose.

Keller Williams "Give where you Live"annual community outreach at the Garden.

The Purpose Center

A community resource and mentoring center that helps equip, educate, and inspire at-risk youth and their families to overcome challenges and maximize their potential in a safe and fun environment. 


Garden Camp

An empowering space for our future leaders to connect with nature, grow and thrive together all while learning about food and cultivating a sense of community. 


It's not what you 'Give' to them...

It's what you 'Leave' in them. 


From Community Impact, Teamwork making Dreams work and the Evolution of it all... We welcome you!


"Strong Communities are built around local, real food and real people.The food we trust to nourish our bodies and the planet."


Education Workshops

One week per month, garden participants come out to the community garden to learn hands-on skills in what it takes to start, maintain and expand your garden desires. 


Farming is a Lifestyle

Offering farm consultations and farm management services as it is our goal to help farmers maintain and enforce the highest use of conservation practices to allow their farms to sustain for generations to come. 

Direct Veg

Welcome to the CSRA's only Farm to Door Distribution Center. Our food hub serves as a distribution center for fresh produce, dairy products, meat, and value-added food products. The products from our distribution center support the growth of local farmers and food producers while also addressing the needs of the growing consumer demand for fresh and high-quality food products. Opening to the Public Summer 2024.

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